AQUAD Seven continues to be provided as free software free of charge under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license.
The installation program contains the program AQUAD 7 (current version and two text examples (one for a qualitative content analysis, the other for a sequence analysis)
Download AQUAD 7 aqd7_e_prg_setup.exe (10.972.929 bytes, md5 hash: bb09043ce3e70b5661350bcb95142918)
In other files there are examples for the analysis of audio recordings, video recordings, graphical material (photos, drawings, scans, etc.) and the manual are available for download. Modules for explorative statistical analysis have been temporarily removed (see under AQUAD 8).
Audio-Examples       aqd7_e_audio_setup.exe (15.146.439 bytes, md5hash: 73a43ab71284f4cd9005e636b56e6d5b)
Video-Examples       aqd7_e_video_setup.exe (30.027.306 bytes, md5hash: 15d78de28ca76f12537a33a549ac5cd1)
Graphik-Examples    aqd7_e_grafik_setup.exe (9.407.628 bytes, md5hash: 7219f5d048b6ec64b53ff4de73d42f42)

Download Manual 7