All files must be stored in the root directory of AQUAD (in case of text analyses e.g.: C:\AQUAD_8e), because the program searches the data to be analyzed there by default.
Texts should be formatted so that lines do not contain more than about 60 characters each. The reason for this is the fact that AQUAD uses the line numbers to mark meaningful text segments. The individual lines should not be too long, so that the codes can be assigned precisely to the relevant text passages.
Texts must be saved in the exchangeable format "txt". The settings for the saving procedure must include an operation that inserts after each line the code for the "end of line", otherwise AQUAD treats each paragraph of the text as a single long line.
Audio files (mp3, wav, aac, etc.), video files (mp4, avi, mov, etc.) and image files (jpg, png) do not need any further pre-treatment, but AQUAD8 will run the audios and videos only, if the 32-bit version of the free mediaplayer VLC (download: is installed on your computer.