The following websites contain useful information for qualitative researchers:

(Professional) Organisations

Journals that publish qualitative research

Information about qualitative research

  • Semaínein – research group, examinates linguistic problems, located at the university of Cádiz, Spain.
  • QualPage – provides a variety of information (discussion groups, syllabi, guidelines, etc.)
  • Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet – Ronald J. Chenail offers very clearly information about websites, journals, syllabi, teaching and learning, as well as the online-journal called „The Qualitative Report“

Software that can be used together with AQUAD

  • R – Open source software environment for statistical computing and graphics with more than 4300 packages
  • Tinn-R – Open source editor for R
  • PSPP – Open source replacement for the proprietary program SPSS
  • Aegisub – Open source to create subtitles
  • FFmpeg – Open source software environment to de-, re- and transcode audio and video material