Here you can find the whole manual of AQUAD 7 with an extensive description of how to install the software (in chapter 2).


Huber, G. L. & Gürtler, L. (2012). Manual zur Software AQUAD 7 (Erstveröffentlichung 2003, Tübingen: Ingeborg Huber Verlag). Tübingen: Softwarevertrieb Günter Huber. Online at: [date of access]


You can ask questions in the forum. There, you can meet other users and the developers. The official forum language is English.

Courses, Workshops and Coaching

We offer the following support to enhance the work with AQUAD 7:

Independent from the help to master AQUAD 7 we offer counseling and scientific coaching for all aspects of qualitative data analysis and the integration of qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis („mixed methods“).

Dates of workshops and courses can be f0und further below. Please contact us for additional questions by mailing to or by using the contact formular.

According to prior agreementAccording to prior agreementAccording to prior agreement + travel expenses and possible additional accommodation costs

Introductory courses

Introductory courses cover the basic knowledge to enable the work with AQUAD 7. They impart  the necessary pre-requisites and offer insights to analyse data the qualitative way:

  • Clarification of the overall research question
  • Preparing source material prior to analysis (texts, video, audio, images)
  • Definition of AQUAD 8 projects
  • Qualitative Coding:
    • Coding strategies
    • Different types of codes (levels: content related, abstract)
    • Insert, search, and replace codes
    • How to handle complex code structures
  • Writing memos and how to use them
  • optional offers:
    • Table analyses (in the tradition of Miles & Huberman)
    • Analyses by means of sequential coding and combined coding structures
    • Implicant analysis (in the tradition of Charles Ragin based on Boolean Algebra)

We recommend to bring your own data material to courses to be able to work on it right from the start.

Advanced courses

In advanced courses we expect you to be able to work with AQUAD 8 and to bring your own data material to the course. The course covers the following topics and fulfills especially the requirements to enable the analysis of data across the different types of theses (MA, PhD, German habilitation, etc.). Another focus lies on universitary research projects:

  • Firm establishment of a global research question and its division into subquestions
    • optional: data collection, methods, and choosing the right sample
  • Strategies of analysis and their realisation in AQUAD  8
  • Evaluation of the status quo (of the analysis)
    • Reflection of research (sub-)question(s)
    • Reflection of existent data materials in AQUAD 8 (and reflecting on other data materials and analyses)
    • Adjustment of the strategy of analysis
    • Planing further and not yet realized data collections and/ or data analyses
  • Formulation of hypotheses and hypothesis testing with AQUAD 8
  • Interpretation of results
  • Further analyses by means of implicant analysis (Boolean Algebra)
  • Discussion of results
    • Consequences of the chosen data collection methods and analysis procedures
    • Return to the initial research question(s) and subquestion(s)
  • optionally we offer:
    • Presentation, preparation, and writing of results
    • Emphasis on „mixed methods“
      • Evaluation of the meaning in relation to a concrete research question (test on adequacy)
      • Identification of necessary steps of analysis
      • Integration of qualitative and quantitative perspectives

Special courses

We offer special courses on demand. Prior to a course work out together with you the proper combination of goals, meaning, and course structure to adjust the course to your needs and requirements.

We offer also special courses for the following topics (selection):

  • Encoding of audio and video data
  • Working with text-video overlays, layout with open source software Aegisub
  • Integration of AQUAD 8 with R (statistical computing and graphics environment)

Please contact us if you need other focal points.

Scientific coaching and counseling of projects

Do you have a specific research question for which you need qualitative methods of analysis or a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods because the research questions demand that procedure? Please contact us by mailing to or by using the contact formular – we are looking forward to design an offer for coaching that assists you in achieving your research goals.

Dates of workshops

201315.05.Universidad de AlicanteMétodos mixtos con AQUAD 7: La integración de scripts de "R"
201320.02.Pädagogische Hochschule WeingartenMixed Methods in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung
201325.01.Universidad Autonoma de BarcelonaSeminario Avancado de Investigación Cualitativa:
"Paradigmas de codificación en AQUAD 7"
201214.11.Universität Tübingen, Doktorandenwoche"Ansätze der Analyse qualitativer Daten"
201217.-20.10.Universität Riga"Paradigms in qualitataive research"
201222.-25.07.Universidad de Alicante"Cómo se maneja un análisis de secuencia"
201104.-05.08.Universität Riga"Analysis of qualitative data"
201111.-14.04.Universidad de Alicante"Principios de la investigación cualitativa"
201115.-16.03.Winterakademie der Päd. Hochschulen (BW)"Qualitative Methoden in der erziehungswissenschaftlichen Forschung"
201012.09.Universität Jena (74. AEPF Tagung)"Mixed Methods und Triangulation"